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Melbourne Course FAQ

Are you planning on starting a course with our Melbourne Training Centre? We've thrown together some of the most frequently asked questions about our courses to help you understand the process.

Are your courses Nationally Accredited?

All of our Certificate level courses are nationally accredited.

Nationally Accredited Courses

Is Computer Training Australia a Registered Training Organisation?

Computer Training Australia is a department of the Institute of Training and Further Education trading as Computer Training Australia. We're nationally recognised as RTO#6372.

You can learn more about our recognition by visiting

How much do I need to pay for my course?

You can visit our course info pages to check up pricing relevant to your course. To find your course, visit our Courses page.

How can I enroll for a course?

You have three course enrolment options – Online, Over the Phone or Face to Face.

To enroll in a course you'll need to have some form of ID, a copy of any formal qualifications completed, and a rough idea of when you'd like to start your course.

Last Updated on Monday, 1 February 2016

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